2 Hours Cascais Roller at the Cascais race track


On September 14, a flood of skaters is expected at the Estoril race track.

The 2 Hours Cascais on Skates competition is organized by Mclerige, in association with the Portuguese Skating Federation, and is part of the seventh edition of the Auchan Race.

It is a 2-hour endurance skating race, open to individual participants and teams whose goal is to cover the longest distance possible in 2 hours, skating.

The competition is open to any practitioner, federated or not, born until 2005.


Category SOLO
Category TEAM (2 to 3 person)
Disabled practitioners can join any team.

All teams can be mixed and composed of federated athletes or not.

The “SOLO” categories are only open to adults.

Authorized material

You can participate in inline skates with a maximum of 5 wheels, as long as you respect the following criteria:

– length should not exceed 50 cm (wheels included);
– the diameter of the wheels is free up to a maximum of 125mm;
– the fixing pins must not protrude from the wheels or turntables;
– the skates must be firmly attached to the shoes;
You can participate in traditional skating (4 wheels – in parallel).

You can participate in Skate as long as you respect the following:

– maximum of 4 wheels;
– length should not exceed 160cm;
– the diameter of the wheels cannot exceed 210mm.

But to find out more visit the website Corrida Auchan


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